May 9th, 2017... Excellent feedback on our latest movie, "The Gun Was Loaded, Stupid!" from a small group on the east coast. There's hope. We are adding a brief scene, new shots, and polishing the audio. Will be completed by September 1st, 2017. "First Shoot the Lawyers' has been released in the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, and Japan. It will be released in the US in early June, 2017. Happy trails 'til the next update.


January 16th, 2017... Polishing our new feature comedy, "The Gun Was Loaded, Stupid!". There are only two people involved in making this entire movie (writing, producing, acting, editing, etc), Bill and Aleta. We are working on final color grade, softening, etc.. We shot the first mini-scene in our next feature, "Is My Plumber a Psychopath?". We are using new cameras (4K, Canon log) and looks nice.


October 28th, 2016...Taking a break for two weeks to finally complete the work on deliverables for "First Shoot the Lawyers" which was shipped to Adler and Associates Entertainment yesterday. A big job. We still have a few shots to get for "The Gun Was Loaded, Stupid" (two people, 13 characters, one movie). We still need to polish final cut and take a few weeks off from looking at the movie to better determine where we need to cut. Making and editing the movie has put us (as usual) too close to the movie. We need distance.


April 6th, 2016... A while since I've posted. We have been very busy. In March the movie was screened at the Loft Cinema in Tucson. Great turn-out and great response to the movie. Way to go cast and crew. The rights for "First Shoot the Lawyers" have been acquired by Adler and Associates Entertainment, Inc.. We are now shooting "The Gun was Loaded, Stupid", a comedy. We hope to be complete by August, 2016.


December 27th, 2015... We have been shooting "Demise of a Single White Male", a comedy and making progress. We have half of the movie in the editing timeline. We are working on screening "First Shoot the Lawyers" at a local theater in Tucson, probably early February, 2016. Stay tuned.


October 15th, 2015... We are in the process of shooting our next feature. The Demise of a White Male, a comedy. We presently have about 40% of it in the can and a rough edit of about 25%. We are shooting for May to have it polished. A record for us. No more 4-year movies, 12 months or less. Still marketing our movie, First Shoot the Lawyers.

At the Carmike Theater the night of the screening. Aleta and Ruth were awaiting my response to a question which I had no clue of the answer.



August 22nd, 2015..."First Shoot the Lawyers" will be screened at two different locations in Michigan at the MBIFF Michigan Version. Both screenings will be in September, 2015. Details to follow.


July 20th, 2015... Working on an "experimental" movie. Had an idea, and going to give it a shot before we tackle "Don't Shoot the Dog". Why not? Writing is getting old. We are ready to shoot something. This will be the second script in eleven months. We have also been talking to sales agent about "First Shoot the Lawyers". I think the final final final cut has been cut and it's about time to let go. It's in the can and on the shelf waiting for the next step in distribution. Happy trails...


June 7, 2015...This past week started shooting the fourth movie, "Don't shoot the Dog", a suspense, thriller, comedy. Mission has been: polish the script before start shooting. Hopefully this has been done and next year this time the movie will be ready for "Oscar". Still have a few characters to cast. This will happen soon. Have made a few adjustments to "First Shoot the Lawyers" since the festival. Seeing it on the big screen is a different experience than seeing it on the small screen. Cheers.


May 4th, 2015...The movie was screened at the Myrtle Beach International Film Festival April 24th, 2015 at Carmike Theaters located at Broadway on the Beach. The festival was GREAT and has been selected by Movie-Maker Magazine as top 25 and top 50. We were really glad to be a part of a festival with such high caliber movies. We won the “anything goes” category, a big surprise to all of us. Besides having exceptional movies, the festival had outstanding festivities, and the people responsible for the festival and attendees were very hospitable and generally fun. The southern food was very southern and very tasty and included a southern favorite, "sweet tea". There was wine tasting and brew from a local brewery. (In the picture to the left are Jason Smith, Chip White, (producers of "The Chess Player", a very good story with excellent acting), Aleta Doroudian, Bill Briles, and Ruth Trushin (representing "First Shoot the Lawyers"). Chip White was also winner of "best actor". Don was the photographer.


March 10, 2015... WE WERE JUST INVITED TO PREMIERE OUR MOVIE "FIRST SHOOT THE LAWYERS" at the MYRTLE BEACH INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL in MYRTLE BEACH S.C. from April 22nd through April 25th. This festival has been in Movie-Maker Magazine's top 25 festivals. The Carmike Cinema 17 will be showing our movie. It is located at "Broadway on the Beach", a very festive place with tons of restaurants, shops, clubs, bars, etc., all within a quarter mile radius. Myrtle Beach is a resort city with lots of places to visit and things to do. April is a great time to be there. Also historic Charleston is just 90 miles south with another brand of great restaurants and sites to see. Way to go cast and crew!!


February 17th, 2015...We recently shot parts of one scene for the next movie. We were in a setting that we needed so we pulled out the cameras and started shooting. Not sure of the video quality. Our computer is too slow to play 4k video so we will have to wait until we get a faster computer to check it. We are still working on the script. We have been doing extra reading trying to improve our skills. We only have two of the six main characters cast. Casting is scheduled for early April. The final cut of "First Shoot the Lawyers" is now on the hard drive. No more, the end, "finito", after four long years (unless someone comes up with a unique idea that transforms the movie into an Oscar contender). Plan: just keep making movies. Later…


January 18th, 2015... Started shooting our new thriller with a touch of horror ("FORGIVE NOT") today with Panasonic Gh 4 cameras. Four K looks nice. We will not be in “full bore” until late March as our primary actor will not be totally available until then. We still have to cast most of the movie which will also take place some time in the next two months. It’s good to be holding a camera again. Also using Final Cut Pro X. Feels kind of weird but will probably do the “job” (if I ever learn how to use it). Later…


December 26th, 2014… We have been working on script number two, “Sissy’s Shadow”, a horror flick. Thought we would try horror along with our comedy. I guess it’s easier to know if comedy and horror flicks work. Laughing at the comedy and scared during the horror (hopefully not vice versa). We may shoot both at same time given they have similar settings. Still debating title for our last movie. “First Shoot the Lawyers” seems to have more interest than “Hard Mend”. We can’t seem to make up our mind on a lot of things on this last flick. A real doozy. The longest shoot ever and still, at this very moment “cooking” the final cut. (I keep saying that.) We now have our cameras ready for the next movie. Hope to be in the "trenches" by February. New cut of the trailer on "First Shoot the Lawyers" website.


December 8th, 2014 Getting ready for the next movie, “Ed’s Id”. Last night three of the characters, Jane Clutch, Dr. Florence Freeda, and Woody Woodward were watching YouTube for tips on acting from the Hollywood crew (DeNiro, Michael Caine, Brando etc). Interesting. Simple advice is the best. We have our old cameras listed on Ebay and hopefully we will be shooting “Ed’s Id” in 4k, which on the positive side means improved image quality, and on the negative side means more bucks (for a new computer and more storage space). We will be putting more information about the making of “Hard Mend” on that website. Interesting information about the biz on the Raindance Film Festival website “10 Dirty Secrets of Independent Film (


Nov 30th, 2014... Can’t seem to let go of “Hard Mend” (alias First Shoot the Lawyers). Still making small changes. Getting a little distance on it, makes it a different movie and I’m not so attached to the hard work on each scene. Favorite lines are falling by the wayside and the movie is getting shorter. It may become a “short-short” if this keeps going. We are coming up on four years and several versions of the movie. It's time to put the "lid on it".


November 14th, 2014...This week we had to get rid of Tulip’s jalopy. It had seen too many shoots and became a hazard for Tulip and the road. Her next character, Dr. Freeda in the movie “Ed’s Id”, will be a much more polished and sophisticated lady, (no armpit hairs or unusual bathing habits), but still a “bothered” human in need of a psychological make-over.


October 29th, 2014... We were at the Austin Film Festival last week. Fun Fest, fun city. We were somewhat "smelly" after lost luggage for 3 days. Lots of writers present. Two Academy Award Winning Writers spoke. Saw "The Humbling" and "Wild". We are making preparations for the next movie, a comedy, "Ed's Id". We will be shooting in December or January. "Hard Mend" (alias First Shoot the Lawyers) has been a "long hard" journey. Approximately eleven cuts and an infinite amount of footage. We are ready to move on. Going back to comedy. It is time to look for distribution for our past two movies.

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